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Quality Assurance Program

Quality excellence is the foundation for the management of our business and the keystone of our goals for customer satisfaction. It is our policy to:

  • Consistently provide products and services that meet the quality expectations of our customers
  • Actively pursue ever-improving quality through programs that enable each employee to do his or her job right the first time
  • Customer Satisfaction – determining how our customers view our work, products and service
  • Employee Satisfaction – providing opportunities for individual contributions and minimizing the frustration that occurs when work is not done properly
  • Profitably – keeping costs as low as possible and creating revenue opportunities while still meeting the customers’ expectations

We understand that quality improvement never ends. Meeting the customers’ expectations through quality is the key to our future. Our Quality Assurance Program consists of:

  • New employee orientation on our Quality Assurance Plan
  • In-house and on-the-job training programs for all employees
  • Tool certification program
  • Quality Assurance surveys – performed on all on-going and completed jobs

At NCS the customer is always first.  Putting the customer first involves learning about our customer’s ever-changing needs and meeting their expectations for lasting quality.

We strive to prevent problems by anticipating them.  Prevention can be achieved through planning and can avoid the time and costs associated with rework.

Our goal is to continually improve customer satisfaction.  Quality Assurance is the road map that will guide us toward this goal.

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